Have you ever wondered why some business owners win at growing a thriving business and some don’t? For those who don’t, the answers are varied but two stand out—either they don’t know how to build a thriving business or they are not willing to do the hard things necessary every day to ensure their success. Let’s look at the first one.
When someone starts a business they have typically spent quite a bit of time and money learning their craft. They learn how to provide their service or product through training. What is surprising to many start-up business owners is that building a business and providing their offering are very different skills sets. So, they come into this new endeavor with 50% of what they need in order to be successful. This is why more than 50% of small businesses fail. They build their business with all they know but they don’t know what they don’t know and make costly and time consuming mistakes. Think about when you got your first car, just because you had the car didn’t mean you knew how to drive. You had to learn to drive the car in order to be a successful driver. Business owners who are committed to being successful learn how to grow and scale their businesses.
Regarding the second reason why business owners are either successful or not lies within the owner. Their belief systems and habits drive their behavior, which in turn drives their results. If they are not seeing the results they desire, the odds are high that their choices keep them from stretching outside their comfort zone to do the hard things necessary to grow.
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