“Need to take your business to the next level??? Donna Evans, MSM, CSE, IOM has helped me focus on building Descent Detective, LLC by actively targeting methods that work. This past year has been amazing as both my business and I have grown following Donna’s program. Whether you are a new startup, in base, expand, or thrive, Donna provides you the tools to take your business to places you’ve only dreamed about. Thank you Donna for sharing your wisdom, experience and guidance.”

Sara Dawson
Discoverer of Lost Narratives

“Hi! Just a shout out to Donna Evans! I love her so much! About 3 weeks ago I was telling Donna I was a little downhearted about everything going on with about my little clinic and so I decided to call her to get some encouragement. I’m not kidding you the next day my little clinic schedule was full due to the ability to do covid-19 antibody testing! It was amazing and a beautiful miracle. Thank you Donna Evans for continuing to be my coach of encouragement!”

Jolene Nawrocki
Family Nurse Practitioner at Starfish Wellness LLC

“Donna is a fantastic business coach and accountability partner for entrepreneurs and business leaders. She has a talent for identifying areas of opportunity, and helping her clients find creative solutions to drive meaningful change. I recommend Donna to any business leader serious about taking their business to the next level.”

Chris Licause
Founder & Chief Client Success Officer at Dominant Digital Agency LLC

“Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Donna Evans. She provides a tremendous amount of value to her clients through her knowledge and skills as a top notch coach for entrepreneurs. Donna helps you to strategically work and build your business with clarity and focus. Donna has helped me to understand what it takes to thrive and grow as an entrepreneur and I greatly value her knowledge and advice.”

Nina Anderson
Leader ~ Business Builder ~ Influencer ~ Strategizer ~ Connector

“Donna Evans is a powerhouse with a strong focus on delivering value to her clients. Her coaching helped me scale my business and understand what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur. I value her knowledge, her connections, and her advice because she understands the roadblocks that get in the way of success. She will help you with the tactics and strategies that are aligned to your vision of the future.”

Denise (Vering) Liebetrau, MBA
Strategic HR/Compensation Consultant | Career & Salary Negotiation Coach | Speaker | Gender Equity Advocate

Denise Liebetrau

“Donna is so passionate about helping businesses thrive no matter what stage the business is in. She takes her time to really understand each business owner and the business itself to help create actionable steps and smart goals to move the business in a clear direction moving forward. She has helped me take a step back to work on my business and not in my business. This one tool has brought so much clarity to my business and the next steps to move forward and grow! I couldn’t recommend Donna enough.”

Robert Gillock
Financial Advisor

“Donna has an incredible depth of knowledge when it comes to helping business owners stayed focused on their ideal client and how to grow their business. She is a great accountability partner and provides exceptional guidance to take your business to the next level. I would highly recommend her.”

Liane Willis
Providing low rate mortgages and exceptional service in CO, WY, NE, KS, TX | NMLS #116188

“Donna is a fantastic business coach. Whether you’re a recent start-up business trying to wear too many hats and figure out how to grow, or an established business busy with work but struggling to scale and reach that next level, Donna can help shepherd you to success. Donna knows what it takes to build and grow a successful business, and with her expert guidance, you’ll be able to reach your own business goals faster and with fewer headaches than trying to figure it out as you go. If you are interested in growing your business, having Donna on your team will really be your secret weapon.”

Jonathan T. Day
Esq. Attorney at Elevate Estate Planning, LLC

“When I was introduced to Donna, my business had stalled and I needed direction and support to get it moving again. Donna understood exactly where I was, offered the tools, resources, and support I needed in that moment. Since becoming part of her program, my business has grown in two main areas, individual coaching clients and speaking engagements. What exceeded my expectations were the connections I made and the incredible benefit from the retreat. I recommend Donna to any business owner in need of getting to the next stages of growth in their business.”

Melissa Healy – NBC-ICHWC
Board Certified Wellness Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Retreat Facilitator, Tour Director

Melissa Healy

“When I started working with Donna almost a year ago, I had just enough information about business to get myself into trouble. I had taken a few courses, gone to a few seminars, but there were far too many people for me to have any personal attention. I had worked with one coach with whom I did not communicate well, and spent a lot of money to turn around and make some bad decisions.

When I met Donna at the workshop she was teaching through Women of Denver, I knew she was the right person to get me to the next level. In that class, she said this thing about know what level of business you were at and making the right moves for your level. I had never heard that before. In thinking back on all my floundering with by business, I realized that I had been making the wrong decisions for my level.

Signing up was the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. I went form making a few hundred dollars here and there, to striking deals worth thousands of dollars on a regular basis. My business had almost supported itself, and not much more. Now I am able to contribute to my household income while comfortably covering expenses and paying down debt. I know that the growth I have experienced so far is the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to see how deep this thing goes.”

Adrienne Norris
Owner of Afro Triangle Designs

”Donna has been a great supporter in helping me reach my goals with my company. She has come up with some great ideas that make my work easier as well as more profitable. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge that one can benefit from.”

Anne seglem, RN, CSA
Executive director at Griswold Home Care of
Colorado Springs/Douglas County.

“Donna Evans has helped me think differently about business. I now understand my worth. Since working with Donna, I have doubled my income and am very busy with business, so much that I’m looking at adding more coaches. I never would have thought this was possible. I’m incredibly grateful for Donna’s support and business perspective. She offers the right amount of push and support that’s a terrific balance.”

Suzanne Muller-Heinz
International Dating & Love Life Coach
Author and Speaker at Loveablize You

“I’ve been working with Donna for about 6 months now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My business has been open almost 2 years, and these last few months have seen the most changes. Donna has an instinct for growing business in any field. She’s provided me with fresh ideas, a great network of other business owners, and most of all – accountability.”

Anna Burr
Law Office of Anna L. Burr, LLC

“Donna Evans is a leadership and mentoring Powerhouse! Her style and knowledge of business, people and personalities is a wonderful combination to find in a coach. Donna is knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge, she is a role model and helps guide you along your path…coming alongside, speaking into your life, offering their perspective and counsel. I feel fortunate to have connected with her.”

Robin Depies
Pennica Financial Group

”As a solopreneur, I love being able to reach out to Donna to hear her perspective.”

“It can be lonely as a one-person show – now I have a community of motivated, like-minded colleagues to turn to. Donna has helped me fine-tune my niche, rethink my elevator pitch, rework how I package my offerings, and get clear about pricing – and we’re only one month into a year long relationship! I’m good at what I do; this experience is helping me work smarter and more strategically. It’s a real shot in the arm, and I’m seeing the impact on my bottom line.”

Rebecca Lee, Rebecca Lee Content Creation

”When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I knew I had a business idea that was smart, effective, and full of potential.”

“What I did not possess were the tools to make my vision a reality.  Donna Evans equipped me with a skill set to actualize my business ideas.  She champions her clients with positive reinforcement, encourages us to work smarter and more efficiently, and challenges us through accountability to achieve our goals.  Long after this year-long mastermind concludes, I will continue reaping the benefits of Donna’s knowledge, passion, and expertise.”

Christopher F Peck
Speak Into Action Communications

“Donna Evans got me off the dime and launched into a 2nd career, with a step-by-step process and a wonderful group of business owners to brainstorm the pitfalls. She helped me to solidify my niche, identify my ideal client and put me on the path to start a successful business.”

Evelyn Logan, CEO
Logan Executive Services

“I had to confront the realization that while I had expertise in my field, I had no idea how to connect with new clients.”

“I was so excited when I started my business! I had contracts with my former employer that encompassed the first 18 months. When they were completed, I had to confront the realization that while I had expertise in my field, I had no idea how to connect with new clients. Working with Donna’s Mastermind program has made the difference between charting a course for success and stumbling in the dark with no idea how to proceed. The very first module opened my eyes to the importance of looking at my business through the eyes of my ideal clients and what I deliver to them. Each module adds another critical skill. I have a newfound confidence in my ability to run a successful business, thanks to this program.”

Robin Lybeck
Graphic Designer and Owner
Double Vision Art & Design, LLC

“I previously was a skeptic of personal career advisory and growth services, even though that is essentially what my business does for businesses. In seeking out Donna, I was working to break thru internal and external barriers in my trajectory. In our work together she has been a powerful partner in developing the skills to meet the challenges both in my personal and professional lives, and realize them as sides of the same coin. I highly recommend working with Donna to supercharge your toolset and achieve results.”

Joshua Sroge
FireStone CFO

“Recently I was given the opportunity to step into an executive leadership role at the cryptocurrency startup where I work. At the time, I connected with Donna to give me executive coaching through my transition into this role. Donna did an incredible job of identifying targeted areas of growth for me and helping me focus on making changes in those areas to become an effective leader. Donna also provided me with invaluable Insight in navigating a number of challenges that have arisen as we’ve rapidly scaled up our organization.”

Jon Layton
Android Developer at Ideas by Nature.

“Under Donna Evans’ leadership, the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce grew its membership by 52% in 8 years. Assets nearly tripled and event attendance grew over 250%. Her consulting is based on an impressive track record of growth and positive impact in the community.”

Gloria Zamora, CEO
Success Innovators, Inc.

“Donna’s leadership and her commitment to women business owners is unparalleled. She is dedicated to developing and enhancing opportunities within the Colorado business community and I have enjoyed working with her.”

Angela Norris-Hawkins
Diversity & Inclusion Professional, Board Executive
Social Entrepreneur, Youth Development Leader

“Donna is an amazing business woman. Her knowledge and leadership are beyond outstanding. She brings creativity and strong business fundamentals to all aspects of her job. Her personal commitment to collegues and friends is unwavering.”

Kim Warth, APR
National Director of Communications at Envision Healthcare

“Donna is the most successful CEO of a women’s organization in Colorado. She is responsible for developing and growing the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce into one of the leading organizations in our state. The Chamber’s programs are frequent, continuous and excellent. Their board development program is exemplary. Donna is articulate, effective, attractive , and gracious. She’s #1 in my book!”

Ellie GreenBerg

“I thought that you and your presentation were 1st rate. I was especially taken by your stylish diagramming of the Job Stages. I’ve understood that for a longtime, but often it was more difficult to get the client to self-identify. Your model presented some very clear descriptions and delineations for the evolving phases. What I particularly appreciate is the fact that your model allows for everyone to objectively see why and where they are succeeding/failing, without you casting blame. Bravo! I look forward to learning more.”

John Simon
Country Financial

John Simon

“Donna Evans adeptly manages an outstanding team of professionals at the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce who are dedicated to the success of their members and members’ businesses. They are creative, hardworking and first-class all the way.”

Kathy Sullivan
President, Six Degrees Studio

“Donna recently made a keynote presentation to our nonprofit. You gotta love her energy! She clearly demonstrated her material on finding the right audience when building your business. The place was packed out! We certainly enjoyed her enthusiasm, professionalism, and expertise.”

Rick Killian
NYT Bestselling Ghostwriter/Editor & Writing Coach

“Donna is an energetic and engaging speaker who captures the audience’s attention and holds it through the last word. I had the pleasure of hosting her as a speaker for WEBO network and I could not have been more pleased in my choice of presenters. Donna is a wealth of knowledge on business growth and our audience walked away with actionable information that they can use in their businesses, which is our primary goal as an organization. I would highly recommend Donna as a speaker for any group that wants to be entertained, informed, and ARMED with useful knowledge on how to manage and grow their business while avoiding overwhelm.”

Katherine McGraw Patterson
Business Strategist, Speaker, Founder of WEBO network, and Owner of Smart Fish Marketing

“Donna is a stellar presenter, offering value-packed business content with poise and enthusiasm. Donna has presented for my organization, Women of Denver, as both a workshop facilitator for a two hour session and as a panelist at our quarterly event in front of 200 guests. Engagement is a major focus for our association, and Donna provided the dynamic experience we expect from our speakers.”

Krystal Covington, MBA
Founder and CEO of Women of Denver

Krystal Covington

“If you need expert consulting on growing your business and getting to the next inflection point, Donna is your person to contact. I have known her when she led the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and I’ve always been impressed by her leadership and innovative programming. During her tenure at CWCC she took the chamber to new heights and market position that is hard to follow. At a recent presentation to our Asian Chamber of Commerce members, Donna provided clear tips the businesses can implement NOW to help their businesses. Looking forward to working with her on our Chamber programming!”

Clarence Low
President/CEO, Asian Chamber of Commerce Colorado

“Donna Evans recently spoke for our chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse, a women’s group of entrepreneurs. She was precise, easy to follow during her presentation, and offered some very valuable information as to what stage of business we’re in. She’s clearly an expert in helping entrepreneurs move beyond the startup and bass phase of their business and helping them achieve success in expansion and thriving stages. The women were very engaged in her talk, and Donna was very generous with the information and expertise she shared with us. I would highly recommend Donna to speak for your group too.”

Jackie Cox
Polka Dot Powerhouse

”There are ways to build your business then there are the real ways to build your base of business quickly and effectively.”

“Donna has a history of true success in working with CEO’s of large corporations,  women owned companies, executives building their client base and solopreneurs. Her many years of experience including rebuilding one of the largest women’s chamber of commerce in the country gave her plenty of experience that we all have benefited from.”

Nancy Crego
Adwest Consulting Inc.

”Donna keeps you moving forward.”

“I started working with Donna, early 2020, to help me figure out how to grow my business. Then the pandemic hit. I honestly don’t know what I would be doing right now if I didn’t have her in my court. The way we do business has dramatically changed and she’s figured out how to help everyone “Pivot”. She led me through the pause and I’ve gained confidence in networking (online), conducting one-two-one’s with new business friends and leads. I’m emerging from this with new projects and a new mind-set to keep moving forward with a positive outlook even when things looked dire.”

Diana Cordaro
Diana Cordaro Graphic Design