Welcome entrepreneurs! Here’s what I already know about you.

Entrepreneurs are some of the most courageous, creative, sassy and incredible human beings on the planet. The world needs you right now, in all your glory.

Unfortunately, I also know that most entrepreneurs struggle and fail to thrive. Did you know that in the United States today, as few as 10 percent of entrepreneurs ever achieve 6 figure revenues? That is scary!

Revenue is not equal to take home dollars. Clearly there are way too many struggling entrepreneurs!

In my many rewarding years of business coaching in Denver, I have watched entrepreneurs:

  • Be seriously good at their craft, but lack adequate business building skills.
  • Long to make a difference, but struggle to find enough clients.
  • Work hard to build their business, and yet unknowingly pour their energy and money into strategies that won’t work for them. So sad!
  • Struggle to focus and choose the best strategies that will actually get results
  • Deal with a lot of isolation and loneliness, which can breed fear and failure to take action
  • Have a huge need for proven business-building strategies that get results, usually in niche and messaging, client attraction, pricing, packaging, scaling and staffing.

I am fascinated with the Top 6 percent of entrepreneurs that truly thrive. These are the entrepreneurs who enjoy abundant personal and financial freedom, and make a meaningful, positive impact in the world. (And have a total blast doing it too).

If you want to be (or already are) in this elite group of the Top 6 percent of thriving entrepreneurs, please read on! This is for you.

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Our Phenix Success Program is especially designed to give wings to those selected entrepreneurs who know they are ready for bigger things.

In our many years of coaching hundreds of one-man and early stage businesses, we have likely already encountered the challenges you will face. Better yet, we have spent years creating workable, practical, implementable solutions to these problems for you. So you can minimize or avoid the predictable roadblocks you will encounter.

We have perfected an exceptional entrepreneurial growth tank that uniquely combines training, support and community for enough time that you will actually see, feel and measure the difference in your business success.

Our unique Phenix Success Program is available to you right now. It will greatly increase your odds of successfully building a business. (And most of our graduates feel it changed many other aspects of their life in a very powerful way too.)

Is this Phenix Success Program right for you?

Here is the entrepreneur profile that is most likely to thrive and get excellent results in the Phenix Success Program.

You are:

  • Motivated and determined
  • Talented in your field, or willing to learn fast
  • Earning less than $250,000 in revenue right now
  • Building a service-based business
  • Not already supported by business coaches (eg. Network marketing and MLM)
  • Willing to invest in your business and personal success
  • Able to control your own pricing and packaging of services
  • Willing and committed to do what it takes to put yourself out there, play a bigger game and finally build a successful business

Are You Ready to Leap Forward In Your Own Success?

If you want to know more about joining our the Phenix Success Program, we would love to talk with you.

Do something powerful right now. Set a time to talk with Donna here.

Much love


Donna Evans,
President & CEO

What Phenix Success Program members believe

These words below are syntheses of who our members are, what they stand for and what they believe.

  • We believe that our role on this planet is way bigger than ourselves
  • We are here to serve and make a difference
  • We are not afraid to unleash the greatness with which we have been blessed
  • We believe that there is no substitute for being rock star good at what we do
  • We do not let fear hold us back (not too often, anyway)
  • We do the right thing Always
  • We have the courage to live our passions
  • We treasure our freedom
  • We choose to put people before business
  • We know that there is always a way
  • We know that sustained focus will get results
  • We support each other with compassion and kindness
  • We focus on our deepest desires to get us through the ups and downs
  • We are not distracted by Get Rich Quick schemes- We choose to build solid foundations and do the hard work instead
  • We embrace our safe community where kings and queens can lay down their crowns and get down to the glorious task of being real

If this resonates with you – Set a time to talk with Donna here.

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