I want to reach out to you and talk about getting extremely serious about sales. And give you some very practical steps you can take to help grow and expand your capabilities with this!

Most entrepreneurs I work with struggle to truly internalize the fact that they are a salesman first and foremost. They would much rather focus on delivering their service than selling it!  Does this sound like you?

If your business has not yet broken $1 million is sales, then the #1 focus of your business should be simply this: Can I sell my offerings and make a profit?

I want to recommend to you today that you make a very concerted effort to become an exceptional salesman. Yes! You… the extraordinary salesman! This will change your life forever, and in a very powerful way.

To help you I want to suggest some excellent books. This is an inexpensive and very efficient way to make a quantum leap change in your thinking and skill level. Constantly reading new, empowering information is a habit that most successful entrepreneurs all share.

I suggest you digest these books slowly over the next twelve months, about one every two months to turbo charge your ability to sell. This will give you a chance to absorb the material and put each new idea into practice. If you love audio books – keep the audio version in your car! It is a great dose of daily motivation. If you don’t like audio books, then get the paper version. But please read these!

  1. Book Yourself Solid ~ Michael Port (Great for newer service-based entrepreneurs)
  2. Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible ~ Brian Tracy
  3. Selling in Tough Times ~ Tom Hopkins
  4. How to Sell When Nobody is Buying ~ David Lakhani
  5. What Great Sales People Do ~ Michael Bosworth
  6. The Ultimate Sales Machine ~ Chet Holmes (especially good for strategic pursuit of known dream clients, and doing trade shows well)

Here is to celebrating your inner salesman and a new, confident you!!