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Making Strategic Focus A Way of Life

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” - Zig Ziglar I want to give you some incredibly important tools today. They will help you to do two critical things. Bring in revenue effectively and soon Find and nurture the most powerful relationships to power your business forward First some terms and [...]

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Focused Gratitude Routine

I want to encourage you to incorporate a Focused Gratitude Routine.The reason this is incredibly valuable is because most entrepreneurs are naturally creative and energetic. These are amazing qualities on a good day. But the flip side (yes, pity… there is always a flip side) is that the entrepreneur brain can be a tad scattered, chaotic and un-strategic. And sometimes [...]

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Got Vision?

Got Vision? One of the first steps to defining your vision is determining if your goal is to be a solopreneur or an entrepreneur. Solopreneurs want to stay in the trenches and do the work while entrepreneurs are focused on growing their businesses. The difference is substantial.   Once you determine which one you want to be, you can then develop the [...]

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Focus on the Process Not the Prize

It is tempting to focus only on outcomes as opposed to the day to day activities necessary to achieve a goal. Instead, if you spend time evaluating what you've done that has worked in the past and developing the strategies and activities to replicate those things daily, you will achieve your goal. Here are a few tips to help [...]

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