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Are you doing what you need to be doing to succeed?

Startups, disruptive companies and established corporations rely on Donna Evans to help them be successful. They hire her for her business experience, trust her for her heart, and achieve success when they take inspired action. With a graduate degree in Management and accolades that include awards as CEO of the Year, Outstanding Woman in Business, Extraordinary Woman, and Woman of Distinction, Donna brings seasoned experience, fresh insight, and a unique blend of support and accountability that cultivates success in people and in companies.

Donna works with emerging as well as existing companies to identify problem areas, initiate change, and ensure that the right people are in place. She is well versed in organizational and business development, strategic planning and talent acquisition. Donna is generous in spirit, fully engaged in sharing what she knows, and unafraid to address sensitive, tough issues. With the necessary pieces in place and poised for growth, your company transforms into a high-performing organization under Donna’s tutelage, with focused, authentic leadership and an environment where people and business thrive. Let’s get started.

If you need expert consulting on growing your business and getting to the next inflection point, Donna is your person.

Clarence Low, President/CEO, Asian Chamber of Commerce Colorado

Do any of these describe you?

  • Ready to up level
  • Unfairly compensated
  • Feel invisible to my boss
  • Struggling in a new position
  • Ready to work for a different company
  • Need someone to hold me accountable
  • Ready to exit and start my own business

Business owners and managers seek consulting services from Phenix Growth Partners on a variety of topics. Clients count on Donna to prepare them to up-level and succeed in a new position, disrupt an existing market, manage their career, or be seen, heard and respected in a competitive corporate culture. She works with individuals, teams and entire companies in custom-designed relationships that best fit your needs. Let’s get started.

Customized training: relevant, focused, insightful.

With a graduate degree in Management and 30 years of business experience, Donna teaches participants how to achieve success in the gig economy and how to scale for growth—as an entrepreneur, a disruptive company or an established corporation with hundreds of employees. She is well versed in organizational development and strategic planning, professional development, talent acquisition and on-boarding new employees. Her tips for adapting to a changing corporate culture and staying relevant in an environment defined by the ubiquity of technology are especially pertinent to these times.

Expect to be heard, valued and promoted.

Decades of experience in the corporate arena, higher education and the nonprofit sector inform Donna’s trainings with groups large and small. She is particularly adept at helping women learn how to be taken seriously, valued for their contribution, and promoted. Men and women respond to Donna’s direct, systematic approach. She connects easily with people, doesn’t waste your time, and is unafraid to tackle tough topics. Contact Donna today to discuss a training program that meets your needs.

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