I know you are smart. You have to be to survive as an entrepreneur! You are an ever-increasing master at your craft! You are constantly focused on getting better results for your clients. You love making a difference for your clients. Wow! So I want to make sure you are maturing your smarts and talents… Read More

Cash flow is a huge challenge for most entrepreneurs. That is why this month’s tip is an instant life-saver and game changer for so many entrepreneurs. I do not know of any other business tip more likely to get revenue (and I am talking big dollars, multiple thousands every month) flowing quickly and relatively easily… Read More

I want to reach out to you and talk about getting extremely serious about sales. And give you some very practical steps you can take to help grow and expand your capabilities with this! Most entrepreneurs I work with struggle to truly internalize the fact that they are a salesman first and foremost. They would… Read More

Question for you… If anyone had warned you ahead of time about the roller-coaster ride that is part of being an entrepreneur, would you have done it? Yikes! The ups and downs of being an entrepreneur are legendary and are the subject of books (like Darren Hardy’s The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster). There are few highs like… Read More

Hi there fabulous Masterminder! In all the excitement of starting your business and getting it profitable, many entrepreneurs don’t ever think ahead to what happens when their company finally gets profitable and outputs a stable income. This is called the phase of business maturity – I like to think of it as thriving. The vast… Read More

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar I want to give you some incredibly important tools today. They will help you to do two critical things. Bring in revenue effectively and soon Find and nurture the most powerful relationships to power your business… Read More

I want to encourage you to incorporate a Focused Gratitude Routine. The reason this is incredibly valuable is because most entrepreneurs are naturally creative and energetic. These are amazing qualities on a good day. But the flip side (yes, pity… there is always a flip side) is that the entrepreneur brain can be a tad… Read More

Register Now   “For entrepreneurs who are ready to fill their businesses with high-paying clients, for good” If you are a motivated talented entrepreneur who loves what you do, but wants an easier, more reliable way to generate a constant stream of new clients, then this is for you. You don’t need to be cold… Read More

Business Builder Tip It’s All About Focus My daughter was extremely fearful when she was learning to drive. When she was pulled over in a neighborhood for driving too slow, the policeman suggested we try it on a country road. We found a nice, long, straight road and gave it a whirl. She was doing… Read More

Got Vision?   One of the first steps to defining your vision is determining if your goal is to be a solopreneur or an entrepreneur. Solopreneurs want to stay in the trenches and do the work while entrepreneurs are focused on growing their businesses. The difference is substantial.   Once you determine which one you want to be,… Read More